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On The Podcast, Kris meets with real women who are experiencing challenges or blocks that are keeping them from moving forward, following their dreams, or even acknowledging that they still have dreams that have been on the back burner for the first half of their lives. 

Kris helps them overcome those limits to achieve the greatness within them. Whether it's related to business, career, family, relationships, or just generally talking about "what now," the proprietary Fulfilled After Forty framework can guide anyone to transformation.

Fulfilled After Forty - The Podcast
is an audio and video program with live coaching

The Podcast

Want to be on the show?

If you're facing a challenge that you could use a frank and supportive discussion around, Kris is offering a free coaching session to anyone who is willing to be a guest on the show. You can expect to dig into the real fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back and leave the session with some action steps to get you closer to breaking past them and achieving your goals. Even if you don't yet know what those goals are.

Begin your transformation immediately.

Episode 3

Selina wants to use social media in an authentic way